Credit Cards Saving Tips for Your Wedding Shopping

4 Simple Credit Card Saving Tips

For many people, the words credit and saving are worlds apart. Well, this does not always have to be the case. Actually, you can save a lot of money by taking some time and learning some credit card saving tips. While it is not a guarantee that you will save thousands, you can save some substantial amounts if you follow these steps. Here are some of the few tips that can help you save on credit cards if you live in Singapore.

1) Do Your Research Before Applying For A Card.
Do not rush into applying for credit cards when you have limited knowledge. There are many credit card companies in Singapore and all of them are trying to entice customers to their side. If you are not sure which credit card will best suit your shopping needs, do some research.

Every credit card has a way of operating, offers different rates and also gives special rewards to the user. Do not run to a credit card just because of the credit card rewards. While it is good to get some amazing offers on credit cards, some credit cards with rewards tent to have very high rates. If you live in Singapore, you probably have a lot of options with the credit card promotion in Singapore at your pick. If you chose to settle on a rewarding credit card, then you need to implement the tip number 2.

2) Carry a spare credit card.
If you can’t get your hands off the reward credit cards, you should have a spare credit card. This will help you do everything else like shopping with your spare credit card while at the same time giving you a chance to explore great rewards with your other card. With plenty of rewards and shopping promotions in Singapore today, you may not want to miss out on the the latest Zalora promo code among others. It is therefore wise to take the rewards and avoid everything else.

3) Pay more than the minimum and pay on time
When making your credit card payments, always add a little more on top. This may come in handy on a day when you do not have the full amount to pay. One of the best credit card payment tips is to always pay on time. Some credit card providers actually reward users who pay on time for a given number of months. Missing payments is a key reason to skyrocketing credit card debts. When you delay your payment, you are charged for every subsequent day.

4) Have an Emergency Fund
Some people entirely rely on credit cards to cover for their emergencies. If you are one of them, you are in a bad place. Relying on credit cards to cover for emergencies is very tempting, however, you should control yourself and have an emergency kit. When you pay for your emergencies using your card, you may keep a balance on your credit card, Keeping a balance simply means more interest.

Bottom Line
Always do a Google search before you make your online purchase. For example, perform a Google search for Lazada promo code or Lazada discount code to look for the best saving deals before you make any purchase using your credit card.

Another quick way is to check out Cardable credit card promotion deals  to find the latest credit card offers available in Singapore. However, you should be careful not to end up eating into your future with credit card debts.

Bridal Foot Care Tips: Custom Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet Brides

Bridal Foot Care Are Essential For The Big Day

Your wedding day may be the most memorable and exciting day of your life, but for many women suffering from foot-related conditions, such as flat feet and plantar-fasciitis. These foot conditions can present a headache to research and find the best ways to prevent having to endure a whole day of foot pain.

Even if you don’t have any condition that affect your feet, you obviously want to feel comfortable at your wedding. For most brides, the wedding day will consist of a lot of walking, attending parties, socialising and speaking with your guests. Additionally, all women know how tiring shoe and feet pain can be. If you are suffering from flat feet pain, then investing in a pair of flat feet orthotics is definitely worth buying as we all know how tiring it will be on that big day.


Custom orthotics, also called orthoses, are devices that you can wear that are meant to alleviate foot and ankle problems so you don’t need to have surgery. There are five common causes for people seeking orthotics, though foot-related issues have an endless array of causes and are very complex :

● Arthritis – Can cause pain in the joints, often leading to pain in the ankle and joints of the foot

● Diabetes – This causes a lot of problems in different parts of the body. In terms of feet, diabetes can interfere with blood circulation in the foot, often requiring orthotic devices and custom made footwear

● Fybromyalgia – This is a common condition which causes your muscles pain and fatigue

● Metatarsalgia – A condition in which the ball of your foot becomes inflamed and painful

● Plantar fasciitis – This a the most common cause of heel pain. It happens when you strain your plantar fascia, leading to painful inflammation of the sole of the foot. An orthopaedic will be able to prescribe orthotic shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis.

However, foot, ankle and any other form of orthotics are complex. It’s not an exact science and it is different for every patient. Gait science – the way medical professionals analyse the way you walk and how you spread your weight on your legs, feet and ankles – is also very complex.

If you are thinking that you need support in any way, especially in bridal orthotics, then the first thing you should do is consult a good orthopaedic.

Remember that orthotic insoles should not be prescribed without a thorough examination – and you can tell if your orthopaedic professional is good if he/she gives you a complete examination – usually lasting thirty minutes to an hour.

For more information about the benefits of using custom orthotics rather than over the counter insoles, check out this Blogspot by Orthotics Lab Singapore.


Cushion Diamond – The Ideal Cut Diamond For Your Engagement

Choosing The Ideal Cut Diamond For Your Engagement Ring & Propose to Her In Style

Engagement signify a pledge from the man to his fiancée. It is a note to all the seeking suitors that this particular lady is unavailable. For ladies, engagements are events or moments in life that are meant to be unforgettable and memorable, filled with everlasting love messages.

Therefore, proposing to her using a customized proposal ring is the way to show your undying love and a perfect way of asking your lady to give you her hand in marriage and getting her to say “I DO”.

A big cushion ideal cut diamond ring is undeniably a fitting signal of the lasting love. Here are some important information and engagement ring tips to help you in your journey of seeking the perfect engagement ring for your lady.


Cushion cut diamonds are popular but they are also misunderstood by many. Recent attention has shifted from princess cuts and rounds to cushion cuts. Oddly, the increased attention comes from the confusion that surrounds the diamond cutting style.

Clearing the misunderstanding will ensure that the customers have access to the finest cuts possible or even having the cut that is customized to fit the individual taste and preference. Understanding the different types of cushion cuts ensures that the customer has the right ring for the big engagement.


Anyone shopping around for diamond engagement ring singapore can select from standard and modified cushions. Standard cushion cuts are more classical while modified cushion cuts are modernized versions of the old cutting styles. However, the two designs do not have a significant impact on the appearance to an untrained eye. Hence it is nothing to fret over.

The next consideration when purchasing a cushion diamond is the look. Cushion diamonds, whether standard or modified, have two common looks; chunky and crushed. Chunky looks have defined patterns more son when looked from the top. Crushed ice looks lack the defined patterns. There is a haphazard diamond sparkling pattern.


When purchasing a gold diamond ring or cushion cut diamond engagement ring it is important to consider important details in addition to the four broad categories. One of the commonly considered aspects about a diamond ring is the color. Cushion cuts have the tendency or retaining their color for long as opposed to any other cut. If the stone is to be mounted on white gold it is advisable to buy cushion cuts with a color rating above H.


The second consideration is clarity. It is advisable for one to purchase the lowest clarity regardless of whether the cushion cut is standard or modified. The third consideration is the quality of the cut. Some of the cushion cuts are nearly round or square. Most of the quality parameters cannot be captured in the certificate. Therefore, they seeing the diamond is an ideal way of determining the quality.

The general rule of purchasing cushion diamonds is to stick to the cushion cuts that have a depth and table below 70%. Other aspects to consider when purchasing solitaire diamond or cushion cuts include the metal in which it is mounted or set as well as the shapes. One can customize the metal and shapes.

Hope this helps you and we wish you best of luck in shopping for the best proposal ring!

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