Bridal Foot Care Tips: Custom Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet Brides

Bridal Foot Care Are Essential For The Big Day

Your wedding day may be the most memorable and exciting day of your life, but for many women suffering from foot-related conditions, such as flat feet and plantar-fasciitis. These foot conditions can present a headache to research and find the best ways to prevent having to endure a whole day of foot pain.

Even if you don’t have any condition that affect your feet, you obviously want to feel comfortable at your wedding. For most brides, the wedding day will consist of a lot of walking, attending parties, socialising and speaking with your guests. Additionally, all women know how tiring shoe and feet pain can be. If you are suffering from flat feet pain, then investing in a pair of flat feet orthotics is definitely worth buying as we all know how tiring it will be on that big day.


Custom orthotics, also called orthoses, are devices that you can wear that are meant to alleviate foot and ankle problems so you don’t need to have surgery. There are five common causes for people seeking orthotics, though foot-related issues have an endless array of causes and are very complex :

● Arthritis – Can cause pain in the joints, often leading to pain in the ankle and joints of the foot

● Diabetes – This causes a lot of problems in different parts of the body. In terms of feet, diabetes can interfere with blood circulation in the foot, often requiring orthotic devices and custom made footwear

● Fybromyalgia – This is a common condition which causes your muscles pain and fatigue

● Metatarsalgia – A condition in which the ball of your foot becomes inflamed and painful

● Plantar fasciitis – This a the most common cause of heel pain. It happens when you strain your plantar fascia, leading to painful inflammation of the sole of the foot. An orthopaedic will be able to prescribe orthotic shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis.

However, foot, ankle and any other form of orthotics are complex. It’s not an exact science and it is different for every patient. Gait science – the way medical professionals analyse the way you walk and how you spread your weight on your legs, feet and ankles – is also very complex.

If you are thinking that you need support in any way, especially in bridal orthotics, then the first thing you should do is consult a good orthopaedic.

Remember that orthotic insoles should not be prescribed without a thorough examination – and you can tell if your orthopaedic professional is good if he/she gives you a complete examination – usually lasting thirty minutes to an hour.

For more information about the benefits of using custom orthotics rather than over the counter insoles, check out this Blogspot by Orthotics Lab Singapore.